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Why Optima Dekk?

A DuxxBak® Composite Decking Product

Features & Benefits of Optima Dekk

  • OPTIMA™ Dekk effortlessly defies moisture and temperature extremes
  • OPTIMA™ Dekk has proven to be up to 8 times more resistant to moisture
  • Patented Blend of Materials – naturally resists mold and mildew
  • Industry-Leading UV Inhibitors – unmatched color retention
  • No Wood Filler – defies moisture and prevents end swell
  • Spans joists at 16″ OC
  • Extensive R&D – designed to take on the elements, and win!
  • No Delamination – state-of-the-art capping technology
  • Proprietary Dual-Embossed Wood Grain – combines striking beauty and superior slip-resistance. Available in five convincing colors
  • Made in USA with Renewable Resources
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Available in square and grooved edge
  • Integrated OPTIMA™ Outdoor Living products
  • Matching screws and hidden fasteners

Optima Deck Resists Mold and Mildew
Patented Blend of Materials—naturally resists mold and mildew.

Optima Deck Unmatched Color Retention
Industry-Leading UV Inhibitors—unmatched color retention.


OPTIMA™ Dekk brings science and beauty together in a new era of manufactured composite deck. Created to answer the issues presented with wood- and PVC-based composite decking materials, OPTIMA™ Dekk uses science-proven ingredients to naturally defy moisture and temperature extremes—two elements that have proven to be the enemy of traditional outdoor products.

Manufactured using all-American, rapidly renewable materials, OPTIMADekk will not rot, as it contains no wood filler to break down with environmental exposure. And because of its patented blend of BioDac®, rice hulls, and virgin High Density Polyethylene, OPTIMA™ Dekk is naturally-resistant to the effects of mold and mildew. We’re so sure of our product, we’re shipping it with a limited lifetime warranty.

If it’s a beautiful composite deck that you’re building, you will not find a more dimensionally-realistic wood grain than that which we’ve designed for our OPTIMA™ Dekk product line. Available in five convincing representations of traditional hardwoods, your guests will be hard-pressed to guess whether your deck is made of wood or manufactured decking.

Products are available for commercial and residential applications.

OPTIMA™ Deck Texture

Dimensionally Realistic Wood Grain combines striking beauty and superior slip-resistance. Available in five convincing colors.


Composite Deck Board

When installing OPTIMA® grooved deck boards, use of genuine OPTIMA® Clips is required, and will provide premium results. OPTIMA® Clips are self-spacing. The gap between boards is 1/4″ and clips will be partially visible. You will need one OPTIMA® Clip per board, per joist. (Plus, we recommend four OPTIMA® screws per board).

Composite Deck Clip
OPTIMA™ Deck Texture

When installing OPTIMA®, edge-to-edge board spacing must be a minimum of 3/16”. Square-edge board installation will require color matched OPTIMA® screws and the use of a secondary gapping tool. You will need 2 screws per joist, per deck board, plus 2 additional screws per board (2 face screws at each end).

Composite Deck Screws

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