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I.Dekk HD: Heavy-Duty Version Of Our Weather Defying I.Dekk® Board

DuxxBak® Composite Decking

IDekk HD image showing this composite decking S4S profile with a smooth edge; product silo shot.

I.Dekk® HD  is the beefier version of our signature I.Dekk® Tongue & Groove decking, ideal for marina  or commercial applications. Dimensionally and visually identical to I.Dekk decking, I.Dekk HD is made from our patented wood-free and PVC-free DuxxBak compound , which boasts the lowest moisture absorption rate of any decking product in the industry, making it the obvious choice for marine installations.  It can withstand the often-brutal elements of the marine environment, while maintaining its unique appearance and structural integrity. Embraced by marina developers and lakefront homeowners, I.Dekk HD is the obvious long-term solution to the quest for beauty and environmental resilience in a commercial dock and deck board.

I.Dekk HD is also available in an S4S profile, for stairs or for drain-through applications.

  • Most efficient use of material
  • Hollow profile
  • Less weight per foot
  • Spans joists at 24” OC
  • Increased stiffness
  • Majority of fasteners hidden for clean finish
  • Rapid installation
  • More like wood flooring
  • “Gap-free” deck
  • A distinct visual aesthetic not readily available in composite decking

Consisting of renewable resources or reclaimed materials.

  • Superior color retention
  • Resistant to mold, decay, and moisture uptake
  • Easy to install
  • Industry-leading ratings for mechanical strength and durability
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Available in seven colors: Cedar, Driftwood, Mahogany, Walnut, Copper Canyon, Rustic Red, and Cool Sand
  • Compatible with all of our railing systems

With a combination of Biodac®, rice hulls, high-density polyethylene, and other high-quality ingredients, I.Dekk HD has high fade resistance and minimal water absorption in comparison to its wood composite competitors. Its strong “triple I-beam reinforced, box beam” construction creates a stronger deck board than the competition even though it is lighter in weight and won’t rot or mold.

I.Dekk HD contains no wood fillers, unlike many alternative decking products in the market. Over 50% of the materials in this product are either rapidly renewable resources or reclaimed material that would normally be landfilled. Our formulation is why I.Dekk HD is the solution to creating a dream outdoor living space.

I.Dekk HD Benefits

Board Performance

  • Impervious to weather ? Wet- Humid- Hot- Dry-Cold-Snow- wind
  • Retains its luster, beauty, and structural integrity
  • Does not swell, crumble, crack or warp due to weather exposure
  • Eliminates decay from mold and mildew
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Stronger
  • No painting, staining, or waterproofing…EVER!
  • Eliminate cracking, chipping and delaminating
  • The ultimate in fade resistance
  • Superior color retention
  • Contains no wood flour – unlike our wood composite competitors
  • Made in USA with Renewable Resources

Style Performance

  • I-Beam Profile creates industry-leading ratings for mechanical strength and durability
  • Fast, simple installation
  • “Gap-free” deck
  • Unparalleled manufacturer support
  • Most efficient use of material
  • Less weight per foot
  • Majority of fasteners hidden for clean finish
  • Rapid installation
  • Functions like porch flooring
  • Compatible with all of our railing systems
  • Spans joists at 24” OC

Learn more about the DuxxBak® Composite Decking Cost Comparison and Savings.


I.Dekk HD is available in our Traction skid-resistant finish and seven naturally beautiful colors.

Image showing the IDekk HD profile in the cedar color traction finish


image of IDekk HD in the driftwood color and traction finish by DuxxBak Composite Decking


image of IDekk HD in the mahogany color and traction finish by DuxxBak Composite Decking


image of IDekk HD in the walnut color and traction finish by DuxxBak Composite Decking


image of IDekk HD in the copper canyon color and traction finish by DuxxBak Composite Decking

Copper Canyon

 image of IDekk HD in the rustic red color and traction finish by DuxxBak Composite Decking

Rustic Red

image of IDekk HD in the cool sand color and traction finish by DuxxBak Composite Decking

Cool Sand


For Residential And Commercial Applications

  • Image of Commercial Idekk HD in a canal walkway.
  • Image of Duxxbak composite docking.
  • Image of a dock with speedboat showing dock built with I.Dekk HD from Duxxbak Composite Decking.
  • Overview view of a deck with access to navigable water featuring I.Dekk HD from DuxxBak Composite Decking.
  • DuxxBak Composit Decking provides the ultimate composite decking in defying the elements. This image of an I.Dekk HD deck cover for boat and side dock access.
  • Image of overhead deck of a boating structure featuring DuxxBak Composite Decking.
  • Image of an extende walkway and dock to water from backyard of home; featuring DuxxBak Composite Decking compound.

I.Dekk HD Resources


Finding a Vendor that you can consider a true Partner is rare, but DuxxBak Composite Decking is that Vendor!  Our relationship with DuxxBak is nothing if not special.  Jerry and his team are friendly, professional and the most helpful people that I deal with.  Their products are high quality, competitively priced and they always ship on time!  During this time of inventory outages and long lead times, DuxxBak has always had product ready to ship and this has increased our market share from our competitors.

Their innovative line of products sells themselves and DuxxBak has remedied the issues with composite decking on many fronts! I hold DuxxBak in high esteem as a vendor, but the most important thing is our relationship as friends.

Jim Kilpatrick, VP Sales & Marketing, Smith Millwork, Inc., Lexington, NC

Just wanted to put in a word on the benefits of the Duxxbak decking. It’s unique design gives us the capability to offer our customers a dry space under their deck and is much more cost-effective than purchasing and installing a separate under deck system. Additionally,  it is easy to install, colorfast, attractive and gives a solid floor with no visible fasteners. Couple that with one of the best warranties in the business and you have a product that practically sells itself.

Mark Wingate, The Deckstore, Inc., Bristol, TN