Our Dry Under Deck One Step System ~ No Drip-Through, Mineral-Based Composite Decking,
Enjoy More of Your Outdoor Space ~ More Often

DuxxBak® Composite Decking

Experience products scientifically formulated to make your deck impervious to rain, sun, wind, heat, cold, and salt. Your deck will retain its luster, beauty, and structural integrity long after others have swelled, crumbled, cracked and warped under the blistering effects of nature. DuxxBak decking are mineral-based composite decking products that boast the lowest moisture-absorption rate of any composite product in the decking industry—lower even than cellular PVC. And our capped composite decking retains its color long after the competition has grayed with age.

As a composite decking manufacturer, DuxxBak manufactures products using superior, non-traditional ingredients, and stand alone in providing the industry’s most durable, weather-defying boards. The result is six decking board profiles available in two beautiful finishes, featuring our signature water-shedding DuxxBak Dekk no-drip-through decking that will have you saying ‘it’s like water off a duck’s back!’

Our mineral-based composite (MBC) is arguably the best composite decking brand on the market today. It is both time-tested and weather-tested to represent the ultimate in weather-defying, low maintenance decking, which is why every board is backed by our industry leading Lifetime Limited Warranty.

DuxxBak Composite Decking defies the elements.

DuxxBak Composite Decking Available In Six Deck Board Options

Discover DuxxBak!

Our signature water-shedding, No Drip Through decking, continuous-surface deck board that made us famous.

Our stunning ArmorCap wood-grain embossed, traditional deck board in five variegated colors.

A lightweight version of our Optima Dekk in three solid colors.

Our continuous-surface tongue & groove, skid resistant, super rigid I-Beam deck board. Also in S4S.

A special Heavy-Duty version of our weather defying I.Dekk® board with a traction finish. This deck board is beefed to meet the extreme demands of marine, dock, commercial and industrial use.

A true 8” x 1 ½” board, DuxxBak Commercial Dekk is rated to span joists at 28″ and has all the aesthetic characteristics of our complete I.Dekk line.

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Why DuxxBak Composite Decking?

  • Your lifestyle deserves the most time-tested, weather-defying, cost savings decking on the market today.
  • DuxxBak Composite Decking products will allow you to enjoy your deck instead of working on it.
  • Defy everything mother nature can throw at you: Rain-Heat-Dry-Cold-Snow-Salt.
  • Never again worry about mold & mildew with our products, as our mineral-based composite, no-wood and no-PVC makeup doesn’t allow organisms a foothold.
  • Eliminate maintenance and upkeep costs. Your new deck will need no more maintenance than an occasional cleaning and will never need replacing.
  • Retain your deck’s luster, beauty, and structural integrity with our patented DuxxBak compound and time-proven finishes.
  • Your coastal deck or dock will reap the benefits of our material science, defying even the most extreme environmental abuse.
  • Increase your home’s value with the many benefits of our product family’s varied profiles and capped composite decking.
  • Experience carefree ownership and a lifetime of enjoyment backed by an industry-leading Lifetime Limited Warranty.Make your next deck your last deck with DuxxBak Composite Decking.


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The LAST deck you will ever need!

In today’s competitive composite decking market, our scientifically-advanced DuxxBak Composite Decking compound stands above the rest in its endurance, color retention, and virtual inability to absorb water.

Three Primary Ingredients Manufactured to Create a Mineral-Based, Better Composite Decking Impervious to Moisture, Sunlight and Temperature Extremes.

Let’s talk about each of them:

  • Rice Hulls are the outer shells of rice kernels. These hulls, which would otherwise end up in a landfill, are practically indestructible and non-absorbent, and contain naturally occurring silica, which is an enemy of mold and mildew.
  • Our second ingredient, which really sets our compound apart, is our own patented element called BioDac®. Biodac is a reclaimed mineral from the paper industry, which would also typically end up in a landfill. We developed a process, in the late 90s, to reclaim this valuable resource and use it to fortify our compound. Through a chemical process, Biodac bonds with our other compound ingredients to create deck boards that boast a rigidity previously unheard of in the industry.
  • Next up is our plastic component, which consists of all-virgin High-Density Polyethylene, or HDPE, which is the same “dairy-grade” plastic that milk jugs are made from. The all-virgin aspect of this plastic is critically important in quality control. Because where other manufacturers are using recycled plastics that make it virtually impossible to have a consistent product because of inconsistencies in their material makeup, DuxxBak products are dialed in to ensure every board is beautifully and structurally consistent in every measure.

Add to all that our colorants–which provide superior color retention–and some manufacturing lubricants, and DuxxBak composite decking boards stand ready to withstand the tests of time and the elements. No matter if it’s wet, hot, dry, or salty, our family of products are scientifically formulated to last a lifetime.

While other manufacturers are using sawdust and PVC in their composite decking compounds, we recognize the environmental instability of these compound ingredients, and prefer to manufacture a product that will last a lifetime—Your Lifetime.





Finding a Vendor that you can consider a true Partner is rare, but DuxxBak Composite Decking is that Vendor!  Our relationship with DuxxBak is nothing if not special.  Jerry and his team are friendly, professional and the most helpful people that I deal with.  Their products are high quality, competitively priced and they always ship on time!  During this time of inventory outages and long lead times, DuxxBak has always had product ready to ship and this has increased our market share from our competitors.

Their innovative line of products sells themselves and DuxxBak has remedied the issues with composite decking on many fronts! I hold DuxxBak in high esteem as a vendor, but the most important thing is our relationship as friends.

Jim Kilpatrick, VP Sales & Marketing, Smith Millwork, Inc., Lexington, NC

Just wanted to put in a word on the benefits of the Duxxbak decking. It’s unique design gives us the capability to offer our customers a dry space under their deck and is much more cost-effective than purchasing and installing a separate under deck system. Additionally,  it is easy to install, colorfast, attractive and gives a solid floor with no visible fasteners. Couple that with one of the best warranties in the business and you have a product that practically sells itself.

Mark Wingate, The Deckstore, Inc., Bristol, TN