Optima Rail: Deck Railing Made Simple

DuxxBak® Composite Decking


Premium Design
OPTIMA™ Rail’s hidden fastener design creates an upscale quality and seamless look on your outdoor deck.

Fast and Easy Installation
Railing Panels are Pre-Assembled decking materials for ease and speed of installation. OPTIMARail’s aluminum deck railing systems can be installed in half the time of competitive products and no special tools are required.

Durability and Strength
Durable aluminum construction with an AAMA 2604 architectural-grade powder-coat finish that is guaranteed for 15 years. Engineered, tested and approved as per ICC-ES AC273 and is IBC/IRC code compliant.

Styles and Sizes
OPTIMA™ Rail picket deck panels are available in 36” and 42” heights with 6’ and 8’ lengths. Stair panels are available in 36” height with 6’ and 8’ lengths.

Add to your outdoor environment with Gate Kits, LED Post Cap Lights and ADA Handrails. All parts and accessories are available in Black, White and Bronze.

Products are available for commercial and residential applications. Please contact us at (877) 804-0137 for more details on the products offered for commercial applications.

It’s easy to configure an OPTIMA Rail for any deck. Select from 6’ or 8’ rail/stair sections and count the number of posts.

Components are packaged in convenient kits with everything required for installation.

Why OPTIMA™ Rail for Your Deck Rail Options?

  • Pre-Assembled Panels for Fast and Easy Installation
  • Durable aluminum construction with an Akzo Nobel AAMA 2604 powder-coat applied
  • Engineered, tested and approved to ICC-ES AC273 and is IBC/IRC-compliant
  • Flat Top Rail for a beverage-friendly surface
  • Hidden Fastener System and No Welds
  • Available in three textured powder coat colors: Black, White and Bronze.
  • 15 Year Limited Warranty



Determine necessary posts required (end, center or corner). 3′′posts are required to reach 6′& 8′ lengths


• Count posts and rail sections needed
• Pick color
• Order kits needed


• Convenient kits for fast and easy installation
• Hidden fastener system – no welds, no rivets
• Easy installation – minimal tools required



Hidden Fastener System

Flat Top Rail Design

No Welding Required


OPTIMA™ Rail is available in three textured powder coat colors.


Railing Guide

Rail Clip Jig

  • The Rail Clip Jig Kit is required for proper placement of the lower rail clips when attaching straight railing panels to posts.


  • Used to secure railing panels to posts.

Post Blocking

  • Additional support between framing to accept rail post attachments.

Top Snap

  • The top railing that snaps on the upper railing panel channel.

Bottom Snap

  • The bottom railing cover that snaps on the lower railing panel channel.

Rail Channel

  • A section that the pickets are attached to on the top and bottom.

Support Leg

  • Used as a bottom rail support leg, particularly for stair runs over 4′.

ADA Handrail

A top rail or interior secondary uninterrupted handrail on a staircase. It is designed to provide a safety element that is easy to grip.

Post Skirt

  • A trim piece that surrounds the base of a surface-mount post. Conceals fasteners that connect the post to the deck.

Post Cap

  • Adds a decorative profile above the top rail plate.


  • Plan your post layout.


  • Make sure you have accurate deck measurements from which to create your materials list. Jot these numbers down and make a quick sketch of the space. Don’t worry if it’s not a professional drawing, a simple sketch will help when deciding what materials are needed.

Level Railing Kits

  • Included in the Level Rail Kit: One preassembled panel, top, and bottom rail snaps, rail attachment kit (for securing rail panel to 2-posts), support leg and installation instructions.

Stair Railing Kits

  • Stair railings are preassembled at a 37 degree angle yet adjustable to adapt to various stair angles. Included in the stair rail panel kit: One preassembled stair panel, top and bottom rail snaps, rail attachment kit (for securing stair rail panel to 2-posts) and installation instructions.

Post Kits

  • Aluminum Post Kits include one post with mounting plate attached, post cap, post base plate cover, and rail clip jig.

ADA Handrail Kits

  • ADA handrails can be installed using various design applications such as those for stairs, ramps, and horizontal applications.


  • The type of fastener needed will depend on the surface the railing is being fastened to. For example, if you are fastening to a wood or composite deck with blocking you will need a long structural screw. If you are installing a railing on a concrete patio, a concrete structural screw is needed.

Lighting Kits

  • Brighten your outdoor gatherings with easy-to-install Optima Railing Lighting solutions.

Additional Brackets

  • Order any additional brackets that you may need for angles or split rail sections.

Optima Railing Installation Instructions


Optima Railing Video Installation Instructions

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At Green Bay Decking, we are focused on the SCIENCE behind our composite decking/railing products and continuous improvement of our manufacturing processes. We provide new concepts in decking that bring additional value to contractors and homeowners, alike.

We are Research Focused

  • Over $3M invested in research and development (R&D)
  • Relocated our research facilities on-site
  • Integrated involvement in all aspects of business
  • Utilizing third-party testing
    • Academic and industrial

We pursue New Technologies

  • Remain active in materials R&D
    • Academic & Industrial
  • Implement new technologies as they become available
  • Continue to develop relationships and partnerships
  • Developed DuxxBak, an innovative, unique water-shedding/waterproof decking system that protects under deck from water damage

We believe in Competitive Testing

  • Examine competition
    • In-house & third-party
  • Understand strengths & weaknesses
  • Remain current on products coming to market

Our Material Science Combines:

  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Rice Hulls
  • Biodac
  • Colorant
  • Antioxidant, Antifungal, Other

Optima Rail Resources

Optima® Railing Installation Instructions


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Finding a Vendor that you can consider a true Partner is rare, but DuxxBak Composite Decking is that Vendor!  Our relationship with DuxxBak is nothing if not special.  Jerry and his team are friendly, professional and the most helpful people that I deal with.  Their products are high quality, competitively priced and they always ship on time!  During this time of inventory outages and long lead times, DuxxBak has always had product ready to ship and this has increased our market share from our competitors.

Their innovative line of products sells themselves and DuxxBak has remedied the issues with composite decking on many fronts! I hold DuxxBak in high esteem as a vendor, but the most important thing is our relationship as friends.

Jim Kilpatrick, VP Sales & Marketing, Smith Millwork, Inc., Lexington, NC

Just wanted to put in a word on the benefits of the Duxxbak decking. It’s unique design gives us the capability to offer our customers a dry space under their deck and is much more cost-effective than purchasing and installing a separate under deck system. Additionally,  it is easy to install, colorfast, attractive and gives a solid floor with no visible fasteners. Couple that with one of the best warranties in the business and you have a product that practically sells itself.

Mark Wingate, The Deckstore, Inc., Bristol, TN